The 4 best smartphone stabilizers of 2020

The world is evolving and with it, technology. There are many tools that have become essential over time. Among these, we can count the smartphone stabilizer, a tool whose effectiveness is no longer to be proven when talking about making a video from a phone.

1. Fantaseal Universal Smartphone Stabilizer

samiafeed Fantaseal Universal Smartphone Stabilizer

This tool has been designed so that you can use it for a long time without being disturbed by vibrations from your hand. It is indeed, with a coating similar to the skin and an anti-stray strap that this stabilizer was built. This allows you to make films of remarkable quality.

You will find on this model, a fixing clip for the phone. This clamp is rotatable and can be turned 360 degrees. In this way, you will have no trouble switching from portrait to landscape mode.

The clip is also protected by a scratch-resistant rubber padding. This protects your phone once it is placed. And for even more security, a lock button secures the phone.

Note also that the smartphone stabilizer is designed so that you can have optimal access to the pluggable microphone as well as to light or flash.

The +

👍Good value for money ;

👍Compatible with several devices.

Professional design for extended use and effective reduction of hand vibration,
dramatically improving footage. with skin-like coating and anti-distraction strap comfortable fit

Phone mounting clip: 360 degrees rotatable in portrait (vertical),
or landscape (horizontal) mode, anti-scratch rubber padding (suitable for 50-100 mm screen) with lock button to secure your phone safely.

Made of high-quality ABS material, very light and portable, a tool that constitutes a perfect video solution for social networks, blogs, media, lives, travelers, journalists, etc.

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2. SYOSIN S5 3-Axis Gimbal for Smartphone and GoPro from SYOSIN

SYOSIN S5 3-Axis Gimbal for Smartphone and GoPro from SYOSIN

We are talking about a tool that can be described as multifunction. Indeed, the gimbal of this stabilizer can take into account various functions. Thus, time-lapse photography, long-term exposure or even the degrees of panoramic shots are the functions that will be available to you. In addition, whether you are fond of horizontal or vertical shots, it is an equipment with which you will find your happiness.

Note also that you can control the stabilizer and the camera directly using the shortcut keys. You also control the directions that the gimpal can take using the joystick that is integrated into the tool.

It is a device with which you can adjust exposure compensation, white balance, filters and many other details. It is therefore very unlikely that using this device will not have high quality videos. Also remember that this is a stabilizer that you can use for about 12 hours of time without having to recharge it.

The +

👍Easy to use ;

👍Good value for money.

  • intelligent Smart operation】 With a dedicated multifunctional mobile APP, various details such as exposure compensation, ISO, white balance and elegant filters can be adjusted according to various operating parameters for precise control of photographic effects.
  • 【Multifunction】 The gimbal supports various functions such as time-lapse photography, degrees of panoramic shooting, long-term exposure, and various style filters are taken, etc. Whether horizontal or vertical shooting can easily cope.
  • 【Stable operating system】 Integrated control panel design, control the stabilizer and the camera directly using shortcut keys. the integrated joystick allows you to control the gimbal in 4 directions (up, down, right and left)

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3. Extreme Manual Smartphone Stabilizer

Extreme Manual Smartphone Stabilizer

This stabilizer is composed of a clamp that can be adjusted. Its width can range from 60 mm to 100 mm. It can, therefore, hold smartphones from 4 to 6.7 inches.

On the clamp, you will find a hot-shoe. This allows you to make all the light-related settings. The clamp is also rotatable 360 ​​degrees. This allows you to cover all modes during the shooting of your video, namely landscape mode and portrait mode.

High sound quality is what you can expect when choosing this stabilizer. It incorporates a microphone that records a clear sound and which eliminates certain noises when the tool is used. It is therefore equipment that can be used by a videographer, a YouTuber, the people who make live streams, interviews, do streaming and several other trades.

The stabilizer comes with a lavalier microphone, microphone foam, a storage bag and a tea towel.

The +


👍Lightweight ;

👍Easy to use.

1/4 screw clamp: The 1/4 screw telephone clamp that allows you to fix it on a tripod or other 1/4 screw device, there is also the hot shoe on the clamp all, you so you can put the light there.
Adjustable clamp: the arge of 60mm to 100mm, it can hold the smartphone from 4 inches to 6.7 inches well. 360 ° relative clamp for vertical portrait or horizontal landscape mode. you can make beautiful videos with your smartphone
High sound quality: microphone records clear sound, cancels noise during use, greatly optimizing recording effects. Perfect for a videographer, YouTuber, live streams, interview, streaming, etc.

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4. RAYROW Gimbal 3-Axis Pocket Stabilizer for Smartphone:

samiafeed RAYROW Gimbal 3-Axis Pocket Stabilizer for Smartphone

This stabilizer has three modes of operation and is compatible with many devices that are less than 6.0 inches.

Not only can it be used for about 12 hours of time, but in addition, it incorporates a charger for your phone. In fact, you can take it with you during a trip and memorize all the highlights of it.

Even when your shooting is disturbed by tremors or shakes, the professional gimbal stabilizer always keeps your video smooth and stable.

We can find on this stabilizer different functions including zoom control, time lags or object and face tracking.

The +

👍Good quality ;


  • [3-axis balance for exceptional video effect] Three operating modes for panning /tilting / rolling up to 360 ° rotation only by flipping the button on the panel,
    which is easy to control and helps you inspire new creations and to provide amazing video from different angles.
  • ◆ [Friendly compatibility] Broadly supports all types of smartphones under 6.0 inch, Phone X XS MAX XR 8 8 Plus 7 6 Plus 5 5S 5C SE, Galaxy S9 S9 + S8 S8 + S7 S7 edge S6 edge + Note 8/5, and GoPro 3/4/5 / 6
  • ◆ [Admirable 12 hours running and charger for your phone] Long lasting performance of 12 hours is reliable for recording all day, recording memorable recordings of daily life,
    traveling, playing sports, steaming, interviewing, etc. The built-in battery also allows you to charge your phone when needed to take full advantage of your daytime recording.

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