The 5 best paid survey sites of 2020

One of the easiest ways to make money without working is to complete paid online surveys. They allow you to round off your end-of-month income on the internet in just a few clicks. However, it is important to know on which platform you can really earn money by answering paid surveys. Indeed, there are so many that we could get lost. In addition, not all sites are reliable or reliable. This is why we considered it useful to bring together in this article, the 5 best-paid survey sites in 2020.

1— The Loonea paid survey site

It is one of the most recent paid survey sites, certainly, but it is one of the best performing. It offers its users different options of missions to perform to enable them to earn money. Among other things, you are invited to register on certain other sites,

to publish posts on Facebook, to make cashback, to read emails, to test different products, to take part in contests and even to sponsor.

The online platform provides you with a very ergonomic and fast registration mode which allows you to quickly start your missions without wasting time filling in an infinite number of fields. The most interesting is the security you have when you trust the paid survey site, especially for cashback missions.

Indeed, many internet users remain skeptical about these missions which consist, for example, of investing money to register on a betting platform and putting money into play in order to recover the money invested in the end, the goal being to advertise this platform. With Loonea, you can be confident that your money is safe and will definitely come back to you.

In addition, the paid survey site offers various money withdrawal solutions to allow you to recover your earnings with confidence. You can always go online to read the notices on this specialized survey site.

The advantages of the Loonea paid survey site

  • Reliable site;
  • Quick registration;
  • Ergonomic handling platform;
  • Diversity of missions;
  • Very advantageous sponsorship possibilities.

2— The Greenpanthera paid survey site

The site is one of the most renowned for its reliability and the advantages it offers. First of all, you have the possibility to register as easily as quickly. You just have to fill in the necessary fields to identify yourself on the platform. This registration is completely free. Besides, it is you who receive the money as soon as you register on the platform. A bonus of $ 4 or $ 5 is offered to you.

The missions offered on Greenpanthera are rather easy to complete and diverse enough to allow you not to get bored using the platform. They basically consist of surveys that you can easily and quickly answer. As soon as you reach the sum of 30 € on the platform, you can request a payment.

If you have a PayPal account, getting your money back after completing surveys on Greenpanthera will be a breeze. In addition, the site also offers cashback as well as reduction coupons in certain stores to reward you for the missions you accomplish.

The advantages of the Greenpanthera paid survey site

  • $ 4 bonus offered at registration;
  • Speed ​​of PayPal payments;
  • Cashback and discounts on products;
  • Free registration ;
  • Reliable paid survey site.

3— The Toluna paid survey site

It is impossible to cite paid survey platforms without mentioning Toluna. It is a real benchmark in this area which remains satisfactory for all its users. It offers simple and quick registration to anyone aged 16 and over. Its reliability and seriousness make this paid survey site an essential in the field.

It is very easy to register with a simple to understand platform. The missions available are diverse and multiple, not to mention that you will be able to make advantageous cumulative points. In fact, you will be able to convert them into money, participation in the lottery, checks or even a reduction coupon.

Note that the paid survey site also constitutes an interesting social network, since the entire community of its users can use it to chat and interact.

The advantages of the Toluna paid survey site

  • Quick and simple registration;
  • Reliable and secure site;
  • Different points conversion options;
  • Multiple missions to complete easily;
  • Interesting bonuses.

4— The Moolineo paid survey site

Once again, this is a reliable paid survey site to which you can refer. The multiplicity of the proposed missions is such that you will always have enough to make you a few tens of euros on the platform. There are, for example, missions to visit sites, read emails, test products, etc. There are many others that may be of interest to you.

After each of the missions that you have successfully completed, the site awards you points which are convertible into money. To withdraw it, it will suffice to reach a minimum gain of € 15. You can choose your missions according to their level of difficulty, because the more difficult they are to execute, the better they are paid.

The advantages of the Moolineo paid survey site

  • Payments made on time;
  • Diversity of missions with various difficulty levels;
  • Secure and reliable site;
  • Easy to use platform;
  • Possibility of withdrawal of money by PayPal.

5— The Gaddin paid survey site

Here is the latest paid survey site in our selection, but not one of the least. It is as famous as the previous ones and has as many significant advantages. Registration on the site will only take a few minutes. It is simple and fast. The missions that will be entrusted to you are among the simplest to execute. They range from responding to opinion polls to opening emails, including visiting partner sites and others.

If you are in France, Belgium or Switzerland, you can register on Gaddin. Like the majority of paid survey sites cited here, Gaddin offers several payment options. You can therefore receive your winnings by gift voucher, by bank transfer and of course not PayPal. The data that is yours is absolutely protected at Gaddin and it is very easy to unsubscribe from the platform.

The advantages of the Gaddin paid survey site

  • Very reliable and spam-fighting site;
  • Registration as simple as unsubscribing from the platform;
  • Various earnings recovery options;
  • Great diversity of missions to be accomplished on site;
  • Possibility of sponsorship to obtain earnings.


There are a lot of financial experts who recommend among other ways to optimize your monthly income, to answer paid surveys. Not that this alternative allows you to earn an impressive salary, but it still increases your income for less effort. Do not, however, select your randomly paid survey site, as not all of them are equal in terms of reliability and performance. Instead, refer to the sites cited here to be sure that at the end of each month, you will get a few tens of euros in supplement on your main income.



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