The 5 best electric blankets of 2020

Very often we find ourselves shivering with cold when the outside temperature drops. Whether you are chilly or not, we know all those moments when we need to swaddle in a warm blanket to warm up. To do this, you can opt for a heating blanket.

If you decide to buy one, you will certainly be faced with the proliferation of supply on the market. With all the diversity of brands and prices of electric blankets, you risk losing your bearings.

In this post, you will get all the essential information you need to know about this product. As a bonus, we will offer you a top 10 of the best models sold on the market in 2020.

1— Navaris heating blanket

With this heating blanket, you will no longer be afraid of spending the winter periods. It keeps you warm as long as you carry it with you. You can put it on to relax in front of a movie or for reading.

It has a timer that has the essential function of guaranteeing your protection and security. Indeed, it provides absolute protection against overheating. In fact, even if you happen to fall asleep with the heating blanket on, it will automatically stop after 3 hours of continuous heating.

To use it, just plug it into the mains with its 2 m cable. Its size of 180 x 130 cm allows you to use it if you have a medium size. It comes with a detachable remote control that offers 4 levels of adjustment. For maintenance, simply pass the model to the washing machine at 30 ° C.

The +
👍Easy to use ;

👍Secure use;

👍Connects to the sector;

👍Of satisfactory length;

👍Simple maintenance.

  • WARM WINTER: With the electric fleece blanket, stay warm this winter. To relax in front of a movie on the sofa or to heat the duvet or mattress before going to bed, don’t be cold!

  • SAFETY: Thanks to the overheating protection, you can fall asleep in complete peace of mind: the heating switches off automatically after three hours. This product is certified safe by the German GS label.

  • TECHNICAL DETAILS: The cover has a size of 180 x 130 cm. It is connected to the mains and has a cable of around 2 m. The remote control is detachable and has 4 adjustment levels: 0 (OFF), 1, 2 and 3.
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    2— The heating blanket of Medisana HDW

    This blanket, you will be able to enjoy almost instant heat thanks to the Turbo Heat function which allows it to provide you with the heat of the order of 120 watts. With protection against overheating, the cover guarantees secure to use.

    With 10 x 130 cm dimensions, this heating blanket is large enough to accommodate you, no matter your size. It is perfect for ensuring gentle warming and also relieving muscle pain if necessary. With its 4 temperature levels, the model will be able to adapt to everyone’s needs.

    It has a modern design and is made of a fabric that is both soft and fluffy and comes with a removable control panel.

    The +
    👍Heats up quickly;



    👍Simple to maintain;

    👍4 adjustable temperature levels.

  • Fast heating: the HDW heating blanket heats up quickly thanks to the 120-watt “Turbo-Heat” function and is also equipped with an overheating protection
  • XL format: the cozy XL heating blanket gently warms the body and relaxes the muscles. With its dimensions of 180 x 130 cm, it is large and very comfortable
  • 4 temperature levels: each person with different needs, our HDW heating blanket offers 4 temperature levels

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3— The CRYX SHOP20191223 electric blanket from CRYX

You will be able to benefit from the performance of this blanket every time you feel cold. In addition to warming you gently, it can provide a dehumidification function.

It is also designed to protect you from overheating and will automatically shut off when the temperature sensor with which it is fitted detects too high a temperature. You can machine wash it at 30 ° C to wash it when it is dirty.

The +

👍Easy maintenance;

👍Warms gently and quickly;


👍Protection against overheating;

👍Easy to use.

  • WASHABLE DESIGN: The electric blanket adopts a washable design. Please wash your hands at a water temperature below 30 ° C to keep the electric blanket clean and healthier.
  • DEHUMIDIFICATION AND HEAT: The electric blanket has a dehumidification design. After opening the high-temperature range, please cover the bedding to dry. After three hours, the effect of dehumidification and dehumidification can be obtained.
  • OVERHEATING AND SHUTDOWN PROTECTION: The electric blanket has automatic shutdown protection for overheating protection, automatic shutdown protection for high temperatures and a built-in temperature sensor. It will turn off automatically when the temperature is too high, giving you a more comfortable sleep

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    4— The heating blanket 332-672-203 from YCHSG

    With this heating blanket, you can heat your whole body or just part of it as needed. It is versatile enough to offer you such use. It is a model that stands out for its freshness, softness, and thickness.

    It is odorless and if you need to clean it, just put it in the washing machine at 30 ° C so that it regains its cleanliness and freshness. Its use is very simple and the comfort it offers is optimal.

    The +
    👍Easy to use;

    👍Easy to maintain;


    👍Keeps warm.

  • A versatile warming blanket can warm the body, hot stomach, shoulders, hips, back, hands warm…
  • Soft and thick, odorless, the Qindao warming blanket is double-sided, soft and thick, odorless…
  • Safe and washable, say goodbye to the problem and remove the cap to wash the cover and make it healthier…
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    5— The ZOUJUN 3698 electric blanket

    With dimensions between 150 x 180cm and 180 x 200 cm, this blanket is large enough to cover you entirely. It is the ideal equipment to use as a couple. Just put it on a bed and heat part of it if you feel cold.

    Indeed, the model is accompanied by two remote controls that can be used independently of each other. The different parts of the blanket can be heated to different temperatures as required. You can pass it to the machine at a low temperature to clean it. Its design in the synthetic and very soft fabric makes it perfect to guarantee you pleasant moments.

    The +
    👍Satisfactory dimensions;

    👍Can be heated differently depending on the needs of each user;

    👍Simple to maintain;

    👍Soft and pleasant;

    👍Made of material comfortable for the skin.

  • SIZE: 150X180cm, 180x200cm, Double order
  • VARIABLE: SETTINGS This blanket 2 independent remote controls, which means different sides of the bed can be heated to different temperatures – perfect for couples.
  • Machine washable: The removable cord and controllers mean that this 30% synthetic fiber blanket can be washed at a low temperature.
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