The 5 best food supplements for a beginner in bodybuilding

When you get into bodybuilding, you need to be disciplined and stamina to get results. That said, nothing prohibits using some specific products whose usefulness is to support you in your transformation process. These are for example food supplements.
We, therefore, understand if, as a beginner in bodybuilding, you are looking for it to help you reach your goals more easily.

However, it should be noted that the number of food supplements available on the market is important. You will, therefore, find it difficult to decide if you do not have a guide.
This is why we offer you a list of the best dietary supplements for beginners in bodybuilding. You will be able to use it to select your own food supplement for beginners in bodybuilding.

1— Whey Proteins

They are also called whey proteins. It is a food supplement that is obtained from milk. These are excellent proteins for optimal muscle development.
It is the type of food supplement that has the typical structure of the kind of proteins ideal for a human organism. It is available from Muscle Shop.

Whey proteins include glutamine and leucine which are really useful elements in the process of gaining muscle mass. The human body assimilates the whey proteins fairly quickly, because in addition, they are very easy to digest. As a bonus, you can take advantage of this dietary supplement to boost your immune system and antioxidant properties.

Whey proteins are to be consumed per pod after each workout, at breakfast and for any snacks. The ideal is to consume it every time you eat a fruit.

The advantages of whey proteins

  • One of the best proteins;
  • Easy to digest;
  • Ideal in a muscle gain process;
  • Antioxidant properties;
  • Simple cure to do.

2— Beta-Alanine or BA

This substance is found naturally in our muscles and is secreted naturally from amino acids found in the food consumed. Thanks to Beta Alanine, the body and especially the muscles are less tired when they are used for bodybuilding.

You should know that when you have a weight training session, your muscles are very stressed and in doing so, you can feel muscle fatigue.
This problem is mainly caused by a substance called lactic acid. It is on this one that the food supplement which we are talking about will act by fixing and removing it as much as possible.

In fact, its harmful effect on the health of your muscles is limited. As you can understand, Beta Alanine optimizes your performance during training and in a way, your recovery too.
Thanks to this supplement, you will be able to offer you much longer weight training sessions and why not, more intense.

To benefit, just consume between 2 and 4 g incorporated into your recovery drink just after the workouts.

The + of Alanine Beta

  • Easy to use ;
  • Optimizes your weight training sessions;
  • Safe for health;
  • Promotes rapid recovery;
  • Limits muscle fatigue.

3— Omega 3

In search of effective food supplements for a beginner in bodybuilding, you must have already heard of Omega 3. These are fatty acids that are found naturally in products such as organic eggs, organic meat and especially fish . The preferred food to find omega 3 is fish.

Apart from their interest for the organism in general and for any person, Omega 3 are particularly interesting to integrate the diet of a beginner in bodybuilding.
The first advantage of this dietary supplement is its ability to limit inflammation due to muscular effort and reduce the body’s fat mass, which is particularly advantageous for a beginner in bodybuilding.

This food supplement will indeed accelerate protein synthesis exactly as a hormone would do and thus, limit catabolism while promoting faster muscle gain.
Omega 3 can be kept cool and part of an effective muscle gain treatment. Ideal for a beginner, it can be consumed during meals for perfect assimilation.

The benefits of Omega 3

  • Easy to consume;
  • Safe for the body;
  • Perfect for gaining muscle and losing fat;
  • Help muscle recovery;
  • Can be stored in the refrigerator.

4— Creatine

Like the previous dietary supplement cited, creatine is found in several foods, including meat. The principle of action of creatine is to increase the metabolism of the body, stimulate the muscle volume of the body and in doing so, limit the production of fat.

Creatine is a fabulous alternative for any beginner bodybuilder. It boosts the endurance of the sportsman and allows him to benefit from much more precise and interesting muscle contractions. It is the food supplement to obtain results following short-term efforts.

Initially, do not extend your creatine cure beyond seven days. You should know that the body already contains it in certain organisms. You will then be able to consume it over a longer period.
It is more useful to consume creatine in small doses throughout the day than to take it all at once. The ideal is to take it after a session and mix it as much as possible with fructose and glucose.

The + of creatine:

  • Easily assimilated by the body;
  • Perfect for muscle gain;
  • Stimulates the endurance of the sportsman;
  • Available in different forms.

5— The essential amino acids BCAA

This is actually a mix of three amino acids. These are leucine, isoleucine and valine. They are not quite food supplements in the sense that they are not produced by the body. Nevertheless, they can be considered as such, because their usefulness for the body is certain.

The role of BCAAs is both anti-catabolic and anabolic and they are particularly useful for a body subjected to a rhythm of regular physical stress.
You can therefore consume these essential amino acids before each workout. They will protect your muscles from possible muscle injuries, stimulate the loss of fat mass. As a result, you create the best conditions for your body to recover in the best conditions from your sessions.

It is ideal for effectively and lastingly gaining muscle mass. In addition, BCAAs will facilitate your muscle recovery. Consuming it as a beginner in bodybuilding does not present any risk for you, since they are food supplements which do not cause any side effect. Anyone can therefore consume it.

The advantages of BCAAs

  • Limit body fat;
  • Facilitate muscle maintenance;
  • Promotes good recovery of the body after training;
  • Without side effect;
  • Ideal for anyone.

In summary, there are several food supplements that you can consume when you get started in bodybuilding. Among the options mentioned here, you will necessarily find your happiness. That said, you also need to be disciplined in taking them and in bodybuilding to be able to see lasting results.


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