The 5 best hunting cameras of 2020

The 5 best hunting cameras of 2020

To hunt in the best conditions, a seasoned hunter knows that certain tools are needed. A hunting camera is one of them and is even essential to be able to capture its prey. This instrument plays a decisive role in your research and greatly facilitates your task.

However, it is important to obtain the best possible visibility to have a good quality hunting camera. This could prove to be quite difficult given that many brands are selling various models on the market. You will, therefore, need to take into account certain criteria to select one of the best.

As a result, certain questions can tease your mind such as: which hunting camera to choose? How to choose your hunting camera  ? To find answers to your questions and choose one of the best hunting cameras, you can rely on this detailed comparison of the 10 best-hunting cameras.

1. The DIGITNOW!The 5 best hunting cameras of 2020

With an 8 megapixel CMOS sensor, HD color resolution of 16 MP and 1080P HD video, there is no doubt that the DIGITNOW hunting camera! is one of the best on the market. It is indeed a high-quality model that will be very effective for you during your hunting party.

In addition, this device is equipped with a “quick release” function which allows it to capture an image every 0.2 seconds. So there is very little chance that you will miss anything.

The various functions, namely the Flextime / time-lapse as well as the anti-blur Redux with which it is provided, allow obtaining a higher quality rendering. On the other hand, DIGITNOW! is equipped with low-glow infrared LEDs for very good quality images and videos even at night.

It even works in extreme temperatures and has a long-lasting battery for quiet use for a long time.

The +
👍High-quality resolution


👍Several features

👍Very good autonomy

  • High-quality day and night camera: 8 megapixel CMOS sensor, 16 MP HD color resolution (interpolation) and 1080P HD video, multi-shot modes available. Game & Trail Camera captures all the incredible moments that cannot be easily discovered by people in times of surprise.
  • Fast trigger and 120 ° angle: Provides faster and surprising trigger speed in 0.2 seconds with the PIR sensor. Every detected moment will be instantly recorded,
    and guarantees never to miss a shot.
    The 120 ° angle of view lens captures a more abundant view and an intuitive object, Flextime + Time Lapse / Redux Anti-Blur to provide photos and high-quality videos.
  • Low Glow Infrared LEDs: The 40Pcs 940NM low glow infrared LEDs provide 20m / 65ft range in the dark, they never produce a bright flash which makes this outdoor camera a stealth unit that does not interfere in the ‘natural buy from amazon

2. The VICTURE hunting camera
The 5 best hunting cameras of 2020

The VICTURE hunting camera is an ultra-high-resolution model that will be very effective for you to have images and videos of rare clarity and perfectly audible. It is equipped with 3 shooting modes as well as a day/night sensor to not miss anything. With a very good seal, it is very resistant to the vagaries of the weather and can, therefore, function without a hitch during periods of rain or in case of humidity.

Equipped with 38 non-luminous LEDs, this camera is perfectly effective in giving you black and white images even in the dark. It has a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds and an adjustable sensor that works as soon as it detects movement. This device is also waterproof, which makes its use even more convenient.

The +
👍High resolution

👍Very good seal


👍Adjustable sensor

  • 【SHIPPED BY AMAZON】 1080P HD and 20MP ultra-high resolution for vivid images and clear, audible video. With 3 shooting modes and an automatic day/night sensor, it brings you closer to watch and savor the best scenes of wildlife.
  • 【MARKET LEADER IN WATERPROOFING】 No more humidity problems on the lens thanks to the innovative design of the case and the battery compartment which allows an opening from the bottom without equal. This weather-resistant hiking camera performs well even during the rainy season. If a surveillance camera cannot withstand rain or humidity, all of its other features are useless.
  • 【ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY WITHOUT LIGHT】 With 38 non-bright LEDs, this game camera produces detailed black and white images in night vision and silently captures the moments of the wildlife so that you never miss a photo.

best buy from amazon

3. The SUGERYY 2G hunting camera

The 5 best hunting cameras of 2020 samiafeedBenefiting from a robust design, the SUGERYY 2G hunting camera will be for you a real ally for hunting parties. It is easy to use and has the advantage of being good value for money. It allows you to obtain images in 20 MP and videos of 1080P for a very sharp rendering.

It also benefits from an excellent trigger speed as well as a flash range of 20 meters which makes it very efficient. The SUGERYY 2G hunting camera is very resistant to water and dust and can therefore, be used despite the climate.

In addition, it has a 5.1 inch color LCD screen which allows you to make all the necessary adjustments without any difficulty. This screen also allows you to view photos as soon as they are taken.

The +


👍Easy to use

👍Good resolution


  • ? 2G data transmission? 2G Hunting Camera con la funzione MMS SMS SMTP per inviare foto. Quando lanimale è stato rilevato dalla fotocamera, la fotocamera trail scatta una foto e la invia tramite e-mail o MMS al dispositivo. Condividi le immagini in tempo.
  • “New, even more efficient hunting camera” – The hunting camera is easy to use thanks to its excellent design and robust construction. For a reasonable price, it allows you to take impressive photos in 20MP and record videos of 1080p, day and night. If you want to have a powerful hunting camera at a low price, is the best choice.
  • ? Trigger speed and flash range? – The flash range is 20 meters and the wildlife camera has a very fast trigger and recovery speed, which allows you to not miss any moment of the action, whether it is a fast or slow motion.
    best buy from amazon

    4. The APEMAN hunting camera

    The 5 best hunting cameras of 2020 samiafeedThe APEMAN hunting camera is designed so that it has good robustness. It is easy to use and also has very good value for money. It is very effective for making excellent quality photos at 20 MP and 1080P videos at any time of the day. Its trigger and recovery speed is quite impressive and it has a good range of 20 meters.

    APEMAN hunting camera is well waterproof against dust and water and can therefore be used, whatever the weather conditions. Its LCD screen is useful for making adjustments and also for viewing photos and videos as soon as they are taken. Furthermore ; it is equipped with the time interval function and can be blocked by password to avoid any intrusion.

    The +

    👍Very good quality photos and videos

    👍Excellent sealing

    👍Good range

    👍Good trigger and recovery speed

  • New, even more efficient hunting camera – The APEMAN H55 hunting camera is easy to use thanks to its excellent design and robust construction. For a reasonable price, it allows you to take impressive photos in 20MP and record videos of 1080p, day and night. If you want to have a powerful hunting camera at a low price, H55 is the best choice.
  • Flash trigger and flash range – The flash range is 20 meters and the H55 wildlife camera has a very fast trigger and recovery speed, so you don’t miss any moment of the action, either fast or slow movement.
  • Improved night shooting – Compared to other high megapixel sensors that work poorly in night mode, the H55 optimally captures movement at night and takes great night shots. In addition, the absence of flashy light does not frighten the animals and this will prevent your camera from being stolen.
    best buy from amazon

    5. The GraceU hunting camera

  • The 5 best hunting cameras of 2020 samiafeedThe different features of the GraceU hunting camera make it one of the best models available. These include multiple shots, interval, timelapse, password protection, low battery alarm and password. It allows you to take photos at a speed of 0.5 seconds with continuous shooting up to 9 images.

    GraceU hunting camera has a CMOS sensor with a very high power of 5 megapixels. The photos obtained are of a very good resolution (12 megapixels) and the videos of 1080P, without forgetting its very good audio quality. In addition, this device is equipped with 42 black LEDs without flash to take nocturnal photos without scaring the animals.

    It is an easy to use camera, waterproof and equipped with a motion detector which makes it very effective.

    The +

    👍Several features

    👍Easy to use

    👍Good resolution and audio quality

    👍Powerful CMOS sensor

    • Motion detection: center 40 °, side 30 °, the three sensors 120 °. Triggering distance up to 15 m; infrared flash effective up to 20 meters. Compatible with SD / SDHC memory cards up to 64 GB.
    • Faster trigger speed: 0.5 s. Continuous shooting up to 9 photos.
    • Powerful 5 megapixel CMOS sensor that supports 12 megapixel resolution with brilliant image colorrendering and 1080p HD video with excellent audio quality. 

      best buy from amazon

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